Dead Clown Fish

25 May 2015
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Fourways, Johannesburg
Hi guys

so yesterday i got home and noticed that i didnt see my clowns swimming about.
upon closer inspection, i found the remains of one (probably eaten by the hermits) and the other laying dead under a small cove.
The night before i noticed both of them on either side of the tank, hovering above the sand and not swimming much.
i had fed them earlier and they ate jus fine along with the other fish
Nothing else in the tank has died so why would two hardy fish as clowns just die at the same time on opposite sides of the tank?

ps. all coral and other fish look their normal selves
9 Jul 2014
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Murder-suicide pact?

just kidding. Sometimes it could be that there was a species specific infection or host specific parasites hey mate.
I have seen this before with other fish, as sometimes intracellular blood parasites which can usually be completely asymptomatic can build up exponentially within their host, rupturing cells at an exponential rate that the host would essentially suffer a massive immune response similar to anaphylactic shock.
I know this happens sometimes here in SA with several freshwater fishes like Clarius and Labeobarbus and Labeo... Interestingly, it can also be extracellular blood parasites, such as Trypanosoma present within Clarius, as we had some cases of that in the holding tanks before.

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