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    Remember that Skimmate locker from Avast Marine we brought to you earlier? Avast Marine decided it is time to release a super sized version. The new Davy Jones’ Skimmate Superlocker from Avast Marine*utilizes*a five gallon bucket instead of *the usual acrylic cylinders. The five gallon bucket not only provides a lot more room for skimmate but it also cuts down costs. Just like Avast Marine’s regular Skimmate Lockers the unit uses a pressure-sensitive switch triggered by rising fluid level.

    The pressure-sensitive switch*eliminates*problems associated with the traditional ping-pong ball and magnetic float switches. *The five gallon *bucket is not provide to save on shipping, but *a nice two-part bucket lid is. *The bottom ring of the lid snaps securely to*your average 5-gallon bucket, with a rubber gasket to help prevent spills when carrying. The top portion of the lid threads into the ring, also with a rubber gasket, which will make opening quick and easy.

    The New Skimmate Locker from Avast Marine also has a Digital Out version which allows you to use your favorite controller with the Skimmate Superlocker. Connecting it to your controller will be a piece of cake since the connections are 2 wire non-polarized 18 AWG shielded wire, which you can simply plug into your breakout box or use the float switch adapter wire that came with your controller. As usual with Avast Marine products, the price is*ridiculously*low at $119.99
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