Datsun Bakkie

6 May 2007
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A guy breaks down in his Datsan bakkie out in Boksburg.
A Subaru pulls up next to him: 'Ek sê, come I'll sommer tow you with my Subaru,
but if I drive too fast, flash your lights and hoot so that I can slow down!'
Off they go...
Pull up to a robot, Ferrari pulls up next to the Subaru, tunes ' Wanna dice ek sê?'
Revving engines, robot goes green, and they haul it down the road.
Dude standing on the side of the road sees them tearing past, neck in neck.
Phones his tjommie 'Ai boet, I've got a story to tell you,
I just saw a Subaru and Ferrari dicing, neck in neck ek sê, like 300km/h'
Tjommie - 'Pretty hip ey?'
Dude says to him 'That aint the story, there's a Datsun bakkie right behind them,
flashing and hooting, he wants to fo**en overtake china!!!!!'
:rofl: excellent one psycho
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