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8 May 2007
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With the introduction of Triton additives and Triton Lab water testing, the reef aquarium community has become increasingly cognizant of trace levels of beneficial elements, impurities, and anything that could be an unwanted source for the latter. It’s now easier than ever to be critical of what level of purity is in our aquarium additives and various filter media, but calcium reactor users have not been so lucky, until now.

Purity is a relative term when it comes to everything we put in our tanks, even the “purest” and most natural sources of calcium reactor media can have unwanted levels of trace contaminants that are a part of the natural environment. That doesn’t mean we are satisfied with gastropod shells or exotic byproducts being constantly dissolved by our calcium reactors.

To that end, DaStaCo2 calcium reactor media is the first Triton-certified media to be tested and analyzed for “Aquaristic grade” purity, meaning that any trace elements inside the media besides calcium, carbonate, magnesium and strontium are things we want in our reef tanks anyway. If you rely heavily on your calcium reactor for maintaining mineral balance in an aquarium well stocked with SPS corals, you really ought to give consideration to the newly available DaStaCo2 calcium reactor media.

At $175 for 20Kg, 44 pounds, we’re still pretty comfortable using calcium reactor medias like Reborn from Two Little Fishies which is the closest to coral skeleton that we are legally allowed to import in bulk. We’ll soon be testing out the new DaStaCo Xtrema calcium reactor with this media but if you want to beat us to it and let us know how well this media works out for you, now you can. [Unique Corals]
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