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8 May 2007
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The DaStaCo calcium reactor is a sleek and automated reactor that comes with a central controller to keep everything on track. The DaStaCo calcium reactor’s central controller allows you to manage the flow control of the effluent, the supply of CO2 through the media and even sounds an alarm when you are running out of CO2.

Flow control on the controller allows you to keep the right amount of effluent being delivered to your tank to keep your calcium and bi-carbonates levels on track. Simply adjust the control knob to add more or less flow of effluent into the system. You will need to maintain outside testing of the parameters to get the system dialed in for your particular reef needs.

The DaStaCo system also includes monitoring and regulating the CO2 portion of the reactor. The CO2 control adjusts the rate of CO2 going through the media the Co2 supply is adjusted automatically if the water flow increases or decreases. The central controller replaces the need for a separate pH controller and probe. On top of this, if your Co2 runs low and audible alarm and visual LED light will remind you to refill your bottle.

This reactor system comes in seven sizes from a 500 to a 3,600 liter model and the ability to build custom reactors for your particular system. Each unit comes with a back plate for easy wall or stand mounting and the larger 3600ext model comers with a base plate. Not included in the DaStaCo reactor are a dosing pump for calcium reactors, Co2 bottle, Co2 solenoid valve, CO2 check valve, a double gauge Co2/pressure regulator and reactor media.

Prices start at £693.98 ($1,130.30 USD) for the 500l model. Products are available in the UK at H20 Aquatics at the moment and will most likely start shipping certain models to the U.S.*in the near future. Here are the details on the various models with an image gallery following:

  • DaStaCo 500L (40cm L x 40cm H x 15cm W)
  • DaStaCo*800L (40cm L x 55cm H x 15cm W )
  • DaStaCo*1000L (45cm L x 62cm H x 15cm W)
  • DaStaCo*1400L (45cm L x 76cm H x 15cm W)
  • DaStaCo*1600L (45cm L x 86cm H x 15cm W)
  • DaStaCo*2000L (50cm L x 100cm H x 15cm W)
  • DaStaCo*3600L (65cm L x 103cm H x 30cm W)











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