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    Dutch Aquariums Systems, a Texas based aquarium manufacturer better known as DAS displayed in Chicago last weekend an interesting new marine aquarium line called the ReefView Aquariums. ReefView Aquariums have a couple unique features going for them, the most notable of which is a pre-built artificial reef scene which completely covers the internal overflow with holes precut into the reef scene to permit adequate surface skimming as well as water being returned to the aquarium.

    The other unique feature of the DAS ReefView is that the aquarium is designed to be accessed without removing the lights or canopy through a “Push Window” that covers the top quarter of the aquarium’s viewing pane. The DAS Push Window does take up some of the height of the aquarium preventing it from being filled all the way to the height of the side panes, but in addition to allowing easy access it also provides a fully enclosed aquarium that will evaporate much less water. More importantly, this type of covered aquarium configuration should prevent jumpy fish such as wrasses and firefish from becoming “floor models”.

    DAS’s ReefView Aquarium design follows in the footsteps of their other uniquely designed aquarium such as the AquaPlantarium and 3D aquariums which provide habitat for both submerged and emergent aquatic plants. The ReefView concept is designed to be used in conjunction with DAS’s own canopy and lighting setups and are likely more available from retailers in the Midwest and other stores that deal directly with Dutch Aquarium Systems. [DAS]


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