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    Danner Manufacturing has a new line of products under the Aqua-Supreme trademark that include four new air pumps. The Aqua-Supreme AP-2, AP-3, AP-4 and AP-8 air pumps are affordable and efficient. Whether you are looking to drive air to your retro airstone skimmer or fire up that bubbling treasure chest, the Aqua-Supreme air pumps have something for you. Danner received the trademark for the brand name “Aqua-Supreme” in late 2010 and we’re just starting to see these air pumps and some submersible water pumps hitting the market.


    The AP-2 is a single outlet pump using 1.5W of power producing 73 cu. in./min. of air plow at 1.45 PSI. The and AP-3 also has a single air outlet with 2.8W of draw, 110 cu. in./min. of flow also at 1.45 PSI. The larger units feature multiple air outlets — the AP-4 with two and the AP-8 with four — and operate at 2.0 PSI. The AP-4 runs 3.5W and pushes 275 cu. in./min. and the AP-8 uses 7W and pushes 549 cu. in./min.*Premium Aquatics is currently listing these pumps for $8.09 (AP-2), $9.49 (AP-3), $16.19 (AP-4) and $26.99 (AP-8).

    While these pumps are new to Danner, looking at previous pumps released by Sera and other companies, the body looks similar to other pumps currently on the market, but who know exactly how the internal parts compare.

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