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    Dana Riddle and Clive Bentley, two of the reef aquarium hobby’s biggest lighting experts, are the latest speakers to be announced to the star-studded lineup that will be presenting at MACNA XXV. If you’ve been in the hobby a long time you’ll agree that Dana Riddle has been adding to our understanding of*aquarium*lighting for the better part of two decades, making him more than deserving of winning the prestigious MASNA Aquarist of the Year Award in 2011, although his recognition really should have been an award for a lifetime of achievement.

    More recently Clive Bentley has been elucidating the finer technical points of advancements in LED lighting, covering the breaking news of high performance LEDs like this morning’s announcement of the record-shattering Cree XM-L2 LED. Back in the day Clive was one of the pioneers of LED reef aquarium lighting, designing early incarnations of the JBJ Unibody and the Nanocustoms PAR38 LED spotlight which went a long way to kicking off the LED craze for reef aquariums that we are currently enjoying in America.

    We expect that Clive Bentley will be speaking on some aspect of LED lighting, mostly how light is produced by LEDs and the best ways to get the most light from the new lighting technology. On the flip side Dana Riddle will likely be speaking on the ways that corals capture lighting and how zooxanthellae and coral pigments react to the quantity and quality of light. Between Clive and Dana’s presentations you should be armed with everything you need to know to fundamentally understand lighting from when it is produced by your LED fixture to how it falls on our precious corals – two more great selections to MACNA XXV’s progressive speaker line up.

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