DAFF and Ornamentals

6 May 2007
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Hello everyone,

I was interested in finding out about the legalities of coral fragging/ farming and came across an article talking about the status of ornamentals etc. and the aquaculture section that had been setup within the government etc.

It appeares that everyone involved from the hobby side was/are MASA regulars, so what better place to ask about the current status than here.

You guys seemed to make some good progress but then it's gone under the radar.

Did the discussions ever take place with the government?
What is the current status of aquaculture as per our interest?

Possibly not a bad time to push for making it easier for smaller setups to be allowed as it could create a few badly needed jobs etc. etc.

Any input or pointers in the right direction to find out more info would be appreciated.

Ps. I tried mailing the guys on the DAFF site under the aquaculture "personnel" PDF and only 2 still exist and no replies after a week lol.

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