Cycle a tank

6 Nov 2011
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Howzit Guys and ladies. I started cycling my tank about three weeks ago. Can someone help me with the steps to follow. The last time i cycled a tank was about 10 years ago. Brain is a little rusty. eg. Do I need to run lights, do i need to do water changes etc. Thanks for the help. D
Hi D, there are many ways to do it. I prefer to start with everything dead. These days you get bacteria in bottles. Ive always used Stability, but there are many products out there. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. Theoretically you need to wait a bit before adding livestock.

But maybe tell us how you started the tank and we could be of better assistance.

Oh some people say you need to leave lights of, others say leave it on. I cycled my tank my lights on. And skimmer on.
Thank you for the response. I started my tank off as described in the thread above. I have also started with everything dead. I am happy to be patient. Not in a hurry at all I remember one thing about this hobby. Patience is key.
Tank will go through a few ugly phazes but its all part of the fun. Should be ready to add stuff in about 6 weeks roughly.
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