Cyano on DSB only?

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by neil.h, 3 Aug 2010.

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    9 Apr 2010
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    Cyano is due to detritus build up and not enough flow right?

    My DSB doesn't have major flow through it and what little flow there is, is interrupted by the Caleurpa and Chaeto I have. There are a couple of pieces of LR with tubeworms on ono the surface and they seem to be multiplying daily. Over the last week or so Cyano has been growing on the top layer of sand in the DSB, but the DT remains fine. Just the usual Diatoms from a newish tank

    My skimmer cup also has a drain, so any skimmate was going back over the DSB. This has since been plugged...

    I also added 3 hermits to the DSB over the weekend to help clean up. Should I look at a powerhead or two to create some random flow? Lift the small pieces of LR off of the sand?
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  3. christiaan


    6 Jul 2008
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    I put my lr over my dsb on eggcrate about 4 cm above the dsb, work lekker but still a lot of detrtus settle around the area, i try siphon it once every now and then
  4. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    My cheato ball keeps on loosing small pieces. And that tend to lie on the sand and acts as a settlement trap. What I do is to move the fish net above it, so that the water movement pick up the detritus and small pieces of cheato. I just keep on going over and over, scooping it out. Without touching the sand.

    Can try to syphon it out, but not that easy, because it is the sump and so low, then the water suction is not strong enough and the pipe tends to block too easy. Might work for cayno. but only do 1/3 every day.

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