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8 May 2007
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The CustomCradle is a very neat new probe and line holder for aquariums & sumps from Innovative Marine. The new magnetic accessory is notable not only for doing it all, but catering to a variety of fixation needs in a very neat and tidy way.

We’ve seen plenty of probe and line holders, most of the new ones are magnetic, but this is the first time we’ve seen a combination probe and line holder. The CustomCradle is designed to easily accept a variety of probe sizes, as well as 1/4″ dosing lines and 1/2″ auto top off tubing (XL only). The CustomCradle is equipped with a clever method of securing various electronic probes, with soft padding in the holder to ensure a firm grip, and a magnetic latching system to make swapping probes quick and easy.


The CustomCradle Nano & XL both use a convenient magnetic latching system

If you’ve used probes and their associated holders for any length of time, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to change, clean or otherwise access probes in a conventional probe holder. With the CustomCradle there are no thumb screws, no threading probes through the holes of the probe holder either. The small amount of play in the slot for probe holders are universally compatible with the industry standard probe diameter, and it even has enough play to accomodate the fatter Apex temperature sensor.

Innovative Marine will be offering the CustomCradle probe and line holder in two sizes, the CustomCradle Nano for $29.99 and the Custom Cradle XL for $49.99. The Nano CustomCradle can affix three probes, it has holes for two 1/4″ dosing lines, and the magnet is strong enough to secure itself to glass up to 8mm thick. Meanwhile the larger CustomCradle XL is a one-stop shop for up to four sensor probes and four 1/4″ holes for dosing tubes. The XL CustomCradle even has a 1/2″ hole for securing the larger tubing from an automatic top off system and its internal magnet is strong enough to grip on to glass up to 12mm thick.


The CustomCradle Nano on the left, and XL on the right, can easily hold a variety of probes and dosing lines

It’s really cool to see Innovative Marine bring so much functionality into such a small package like the CustomCradle, and the method by which is secures probes could unlock a lot of convenience in servicing, replacing and recalibrating probes to keep them in peak working order. The only thing to be mindful about in a setup like the CustomCradle is that it might not be the best practice to dose your chemicals at the precise location that your probes are located.

That is, you don’t want to be affecting the chemistry right where you are trying to measure the chemistry of your aquarium water. Nevertheless, with proper placement in a well circulated sump the interplay of dosing liquids and probes should be minimal. Either way, we’ll all be able to get our hands on the new CustomCradle probes about the middle of this week when Innovative Marine will start shipping to their distributors.
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