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    There are a few light manufacturers that offer custom colors on their light fixtures, but none are doing such a varied and good job as Nano Box Reef. Nano Box has been busy truly making custom colors a staple of their fixtures, with such well balanced and good color selection that the results will make anyone drool. The Nano Box Mono, Nano Box Duo and Nano Box Mini usually come in a sleek looking standard black finish, but the variations for custom fixtures are endless. Pick a set of colors and Nano Box will certainly build it. The fixtures’ body, face plate, and even cord can all be customized to fit your needs.

    Some of the past projects have included anything from pink with a black face plate, to shiny grey with matte black, to blue with white stripes. One project even included a spiderman themed fixture, just imagine that! These fixtures really speak for themselves, so check them out below:
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