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    The TrueLumen Pro LED light from Current-USA we brought you earlier has gotten some more details and will be on hand at Reef Stock for some up close and personal inspection. As we noted before the TrueLumen Pro LED strip light is coming in four colors and will be available in four different lengths. The four color combinations — from and 8,000K sunlight white to a 453 nm actinic blue — give you a simple, effective way to mix-and-match colors to get a pleasing spectrum for your system. Each color module will also come in four lengths starting at 12 in. and going up in one-foot increments up to 48 in. in length.

    Regardless if you are looking to replace your traditional lighting with modular LED aquarium lighting or add supplemental light to your existing system, each of the four colors in the TrueLumen Pro LED cover the bases from an all white to all blue with a couple of mixes in between. The Current True Lumen Pro LED lights are a great way to add supplemental lighting and add the appealing shimmer effect for fluorescent lighting systems. Here are the color combinations and descriptions:

    8,000K Sun White — the perfect spectrum for freshwater planted aquariums or refugiums.

    12,000K Diamond White — crisp white, an excellent choice for enhancing colors in marine & freshwater fish. Provides bright, penetrating rays of shimmering light without growing nuisance algae.

    Marine Fusion – a slick combination of 12K white & 453nm blue. One strip will illuminate an entire aquarium with the perfect blend of light for marine fish & reef aquariums.

    Deepwater Blue — sharp 453nm actinic blue lighting for providing the necessary wavelengths for promoting strong coral growth & enhancing brilliant coloration.


    The TrueLumen PRO LED strip lights are made with a higher-density of surface mount technology (SMT) LEDs and have a more robust heatsink system on the back of the strip to allow high-performance function with enough passive cooling to ensure the LEDs remain cool. The four sizes — 12 in., 24 in., 36 in. and 48 in. lengths — do not consume much energy at all with the power consumption of 9.1 watts for the 12 in. model, 16W for the 24 in., 23W for the 36 in. and 30W for the 48 in. model.

    Current-USA designed the lights to easily be connected and linked to each other. Depending on the length, you can combine anywhere from two to six strips off of one 60W transformer. The 12-inch model of the True Lumen Pro can have up to six strips linked off one transformer and the 48-inch model allows up to two. This flexibility makes it easy to combine strips together with less cords underneath the aquarium but if you are looking for more control of multiple strips for more of a full dawn-to-dusk and moonlight cycle, you will have to have each bank of lights on a separate transformer on a different timer.

    We aren’t sure what the prices will be for the final product and are hoping to have more information soon. According to Current-USA, each TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight includes LED light with 6 in. linking cables, swivel brackets with mounting hardware and instructions so each transformer is sold separately. As we noted earlier, we will have some of these LED light strips at Reef Stock next month so if you are planning to attend, come on out and see these compared to some of the other LED aquarium lights on the market. Make sure to check out the video below to see just how easy it is to install the Current-USA TrueLumen PRO LED striplight onto and existing light fixture.
    Click here to view the embedded video.

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