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    The new Current-USA Satellite Plus PRO may be a freshwater LED light, but the improvement in this fixture over previous designs gives us hope we will see something similar in the Orbit Marine line in the upcoming months.

    The Satellite Plus PRO took an already refined product and improved it across the board — more light, higher color rendition, and more control.  Including a 24-hour timer with the Current-USA Dual Ramp Timer, you can dial in your lighting program as you see fit.

    By tapping into more powerful SMD (surface-mount device) LED chips, Current-USA is able to add more power along with keeping the Satellite Plus PRO in the same 0.44 in. thick case for that sleek look we appreciate. A nice touch with this is Current-USA leveraging a combination of 6,700K white LEDs and RGB LEDs to allow for a very flexible spectrum and keeps the costs down compared to a 100% RGB fixture.

    Like the other Satellite and Satellite Plus fixtures, there are four models that cover aquariums anywhere from 18 to 60 in. in length.

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