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    The Orbit Marine Pro is a new fixture in Current USA’s diverse lineup of LED striplights which benefits from new feature additions across its entire rundown of specifications. First of all, the Orbit Marine Pro is one of the brightest LED striplights Current USA has ever made and it also uses more diversity of diode colors than ever before.

    [​IMG] The Orbit Marine Pro uses a blend of warm white, cool white and magenta/indigo LEDs to get the warm tones and pinkish hues just right, while three colors of blue LEDs in the 445nm, 453nm and 415nm UV spectrum to make sure all the coral colors really pop. One of the challenges to using brighter and more differently-colored LEDs is getting them to blend well lower down in the tank and to accomplish this the Orbit Marine Pro is Current USA’s first LED striplight to use convex primary lenses both for blending color, and for more even light distribution throughout the water column.

    For example, the 48 inch Orbit Marine Pro is equipped with 120 LEDs for a total power of 67 watts, making for a great standalone LED striplight for shallow tanks or moderate light corals, and with all that color it could make for a killer accent lighting to compliment conventional lighting systems.

    [​IMG]Current USA is managing the higher heat of these stronger LEDs with a slightly thicker heatsink to the Orbit Marine Pro LED while still being able to achieve an overall attractive fixture. Other features of the new Orbit Marine Pro include adjustable mounting legs, and of course it will be compatible with the included Ramp Timer Pro for two channels of color control, dawn/dusk simulation as well as remote control of the unit.

    Current USA’s Orbit Marine Pro LED stripight will be available in five sizes, an 18, 24, 36, 48 and 72 inch model with the three larger sizes also being available in a dual striplight set up. We got to see this light at ReefStock in Denver a couple weeks ago, although not over a tank, but this light is being formally introduced to the aquarium market this week at Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida, and will be available this Spring. [Current USA]
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