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    The Current USA Ramp Timer Pro is a more robust version of the Current USA Single Ramp Timer and Dual Ramp Timer*we covered yesterday.

    It has all the basic features of the dual-channel plus more features to give you more control of your LEDs. The Ramp Timer Pro allows you to control each channel for on/off times, minimum and maximum intensity control, adjustable ramp up and down control, and a moonlight schedule.

    Additionally, the Ramp Timer Pro includes a wireless remote control for programming and allows for on-demand color and intensity adjustment and controls over cloud cover, moonlight schedules, storm mode (with lightening) and dusk features.

    The controller comes with pre-programmed lighting schedules and memory built into the unit that includes two coral acclimation modes. *Current USA is listing ***P at $119 and these will ship in October.

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