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    The Current-USA Dual Ramp Timer and Current-USA Ramp Timer Pro LED controllers are finally shipping. If you recall, we covered both the Dual Ramp Timer and Ramp Timer Pro last summer and were just waiting to see these out in the market. The good news from the company this week is, all the Ramp Timers are now shipping giving you some affordable controls for your Current LED fixtures.

    If you are looking for control at an affordable price, check out the Dual Ramp Timer. Fitted with two channels of control the timer*allows you to get a full dawn-to-dusk cycle along with moonlight control. At $69.95, this is a worthy investment.

    Now if you want to do more, check out the Ramp Timer Pro a*fully programmable 24-hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but also provides on-demand dynamic lighting effects. Plus with the simple remote control, you can do it all from your couch. Even at $119.95, this is an affordable option to get more robust control of your lights.

    Those of you looking to get your fins on these can check with your favorite Current USA distributor. Check out the video and spec sheet below for more information.

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