curing live rock

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    Morning All

    So my marine tank is sort of up and running. (half full of water)

    i ordered Kenyan Live Rock and is busy curing it at the moment. it has been running now for almost 3 weeks.

    i am doing 100% water changes every 3-4 days. recently i noticed that there are pinkish stuff that looks like sponges growing on the rock.

    is this normal and do i want to grow on the rock or should i scrub it off?

    you guys got any advice??
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    firstly Welcome to MASA:)

    Iggy what i would suggest and this is how i did it.i put my live rock in the tank filled up halfway while my sump was being build.i put my power heads in the tank to keep the water circulating.i then put my skimmer in my DT (display tank) and let that cycle for a month.i didnt do any water changes during that time i just kept my salanity at about 1025 1026.i think by doing a 100% water change you not letting the good bacteria a chance do do its job.

    once my sump was build i then filled up and put my skimmer in my sump and cycled for another month and tested my water every 3 to 4 days.

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