Crushed Coral for DSB in main tank

I nagged alot about this on the other forum and I seemed to get conflicting answers from some...if I remember correct Waynad uses 200KG+ in his 2.5m setup with no problems, mille said it would be fine, Liaquat recomended I do not use it and a few others either said yes or no, in the end I used 30kg's in my DSB along with some caribsea stuff....

As long as it is fine I can not see why you should not use it. I do think you might want to go to 12 to 14cm with crushed coral though.

Say what, I'll try take some pics of the diffrent grain sizes and then we make a post on whats good, what have worked before and what you should try to avoid.
Len the type of substrate aside for the time being, the modern trend is to run a remote DSB and not in the display. The main reason for this is there is less disturbance of the sand esp with live stock like wrasse and you can get a nice gentle flow over the bed as opposed to having the sand flying around because of circulation pumps. You wont have dead spots because of the rock work lying on the bed.
As far as sugar grain size CC is concerned i don't see a problem.
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