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    The Crossover Diet is a little surprise from Neptune Systems which will be shipping as samples with all new orders of the spanking new Automatic Feeder System. A collaboration between Neptune System and Reed Mariculture, the Crossover Diet is both a coral food and a fish food in one novel package.

    The Neptune Systems Crossover Diet will come in a few different pellet sizes, the pellets being of the super high end Otohime variety that we;ve praised all these years but there’s a twist. The “top dressing” of the Crossover Diet is a specially made coral food which will lightly dislodge from the pellets when added to the aquarium water.

    This means that every time your AFS cycles through some of the Crossover Diet you’ll be feeding both your fish*and your corals! How awesome is that? Since the AFS is just beginning to ship, it will be a little while still until reefers can pick up the Crossover Diet on its own but the thought of feeding both corals and fish at the same time, and automagically, is a warm and fuzzy one indeed.
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