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    The Crosshatch x Bluethroat triggerfish hybrid of Xanthichthys mento x X. auromarginatus is an amazingly rare specimen of reef fish coming in tonight’s Diver’s Den. If you liked the hybrid triggerfish we posted about a couple of weeks and and want to get something special, it doesn’t get much more singular than this hybrid crosshatch triggerfish.

    The main distinguishing characteristic of this hybrid is the orange outline of the tail with a light-colored center; in bluethroats the tail is white with a yellow outline and in crosshatch triggers the tail is mostly red. Funny thing is that we were just about to follow up with a two year old picture of this specific cross of the crosshatch x bluethroat triggerfish hybrid, but now we’re just shocked to see this fish made available at the same time. In any case, someone’s going to be getting a cool fish this week.

    For comparison here’s a picture of a full-blooded Xanthichthys mento crosshatch triggerfish and a full blooded Xanthichthys auromarginatus bluethroat triggerfish.

    Screen-shot-2012-01-17-at-1.59.19-PM.png Photo by Sabine Pennison

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