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    The X-Lamp XQD LED is Cree’s teeny tiniest high powered LED to date. The tiny package pictured above is a mere 1.6mm by 1.6mm, with almost half the surface area of the blinding Cree XP and XT LED packages.

    The micro Cree XQD LED is an illumination grade diode which still manages pretty close to 100 lumens per watt with 225 lumens at 2.3 watts. The only real compromise in the design of the Cree XQD is the lack of a primary optic lens, and therefore a viewing angle of 145 degrees.

    For now Cree is only planning to make the the X-Lamp XQD in three shades of white, cool white and warm white. The news of the new micro XQD LED comes from a*sandbox webpage*and has not been yet officially announced by Cree. Final details and specifications are subject to change when the new XQD becomes available.

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