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    The Cree LED Bulb is a new screw-in light that can be easily placed into most existing home lighting fixtures. You could use it on your aquarium, but most importantly the release of Cree’s very own LED light bulb is an exciting development in the world of solid state lighting.

    Cree’s light fixture division, aptly called Cree Lighting has been making fixtures for commercial lighting*applications*like warehouses and streetlights for many years now. With their first foray into consumer lighting, the Cree LED Bulb breaks the $10 barrier for a screw in LED light which should increase and accelerate the adoption of LED lighting in the home.

    The Cree LED bulb will come in a 6 watt ans 9 watt version with the more powerful model also being available in 2700 or 5000 Kelvin color temperature. LIke we said, these particular bulbs may never see the light of a reef tank but by lowering the entry point to LED lighting Cree is going to make other companies really hunker down to reduce the price of LED lights, which is a great thing for all the diodes us reefers like to use on our reef tanks.

    Cree Introduces - The Biggest Thing Since the Light Bulb.â„¢ - YouTube[via Cree]
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