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    Howard Hall is a well known name in underwater cinematography. He and his wife have won numerous Emmys and produced fine films for National Geographic and PBS Nature. Fortunately for us, they also have a vimeo channel that you can follow. There are quite a few excellent video samplings to view, including this one from the Lembeh Strait.


    Lembeh is in the North Sulawesi provence, and offers world class ‘muck diving’. The diversity of critters and wealth of macro-photography opportunities make the Lembeh Strait a well known dive destination in Indonesia. This video perfectly displays why this is the case.


    No doubt, the cephalopod and scorpionfish diversity rings a bell here. But one could also draw inspiration for a unique reef aquarium out Lembeh’s visuals. Note the Fungiidae and Euphyllidae adorned by black sand in some of the scenes. Definitely a place to visit on our bucket list!

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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    WOW, dived here a few years ago. This video brought back some good memories

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