RSS Creative use of EcoRay LED illustrates the limitation of using narrow angle lenses

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    The EcoRay LED light fixture from Underwater World is a light which is outfitted with very narrow angle LED lenses. Unless you’re trying to blanket your aquarium with LED fixtures the EcoRay LED is a tough light to implement in a typical home aquarium but if it’s penetration you’re looking for, the EcoRay’s got it.

    We happened upon this awesome application of the EcoRay LED at Chicago’s Living Sea Aquarium wherein the EcoRay was mounted six feet above a zero edge aquarium, right up on the ceiling. Even at this height the EcoRay LED was more focused in the center of the tank and it produced very hard shadows on the corals and aquascape but this combination of EcoRay LED and Zero Edge Aquarium gets our thumbs up for presentation value alone.
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    And who said LED's don't work? :p

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