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8 May 2007
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The PouchFeeder and FeedStones are two new creative ways to feed your fish. The new accessories are designed to be used with the various magnetic feeding tools from Two Little Fishies which already include a feeding clip, a larger feeding clip, a surface feeding ring, a grazing block holder and probably one or two others we may have forgotten about.

First up is the PouchFeeder, a little pouch of netlike plastic material that clips right into existing magnetic feeding assemblies offered by Two Little Fishies.

The PouchFeeder is intended to be a new way to feed frozen food to your marine and reef fish with a hole size that has been carefully selected to allow a moderate thawing of frozen foods, while also allowing the pieces of this food to be distributed to the aquarium fishes. The holes are also large enough that certain types of fish will be able to “graze” at the frozen foods as they melt, and probably creating a more “democratic” feeding time for the various reef aquarium fish, preventing a gluttonous fish from getting more than its share.

Meanwhile the FeedStone is a more experimental type of feeding device. The FeedStone is basically a resin replica of a Faviid moon coral with high valleys and deep corallites. The basic idea here is to press fish food into the corallites of the FeedStone and allow certain species to graze more naturally from something that looks like a coral.

The primary food to use with the FeedStone is partially thawed frozen food, food pastes, or you could go ahead and congeal your own DIY fish food right onto the FeedStone. This particular feeding presentation could be particularly useful for feeding and training finicky reef fish that prefer to graze on live rock in the aquarium while ignoring actual foods that are offered in the water column. Certain species of Chaetodontplus angelfish, butterflyfish and other dedicated grazing species might be good candidates to acclimate to aquarium life using the FeedStone.

Both the FeedStone and PouchFeeder are still in development but should enjoy a public release later this year. We expect that PouchFeeder will be a very inexpensive add-on accessory for the MagFeeder while the FeedStone will probably cost a bit more since it involves using a resin-cast replica of coral.

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