Create a public display aquarium without spending money.

Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by Moolis Moolman, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. Moolis Moolman

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    15 Dec 2007
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    Hi Reefers

    We are planing a L SHAPED display aquarium in the shop!!:slayer:

    This aquarium will be different than the other 20 000 liters in the shop in that we want to make it a permanent display with corals that are not for sale.

    The purpose would be to have something that is easy (for beginners to use as starting point) but still magnificent.

    The dimensions are:
    Front long = 850mm
    Front short = 530mm

    L cut out is in the back =
    240mm x
    650mm high water level
    Will ask a customer to upload a drawing.
    But to visualize = draw a rectangular aquarium 530mm x 850mm
    Cut out a rec. on the left back 240mm x 320mm
    with the 240mm on the 530mm length and the 320mm on the 850mm length

    2 x 150w MH
    2 x T5's

    Only after decided what to put into it.

    We thought - Custom made rock wall with PLENTY of spaces in between totally overgrown (in time) with polyps.

    I KNOW 200 liter + filter 150 liter = a small aquarium! But that is the only space we have (left:)). Hopefully one of the 3 plans we are working on for expansion would come to light soon.:whistling:

    We thought of a polyp WALL, but this is not set in stone at all. Any suggestions or alternatives would really be appreciated?
    This is your opportunity to say "that is my creation" and not spend one cent to make it happen:slayer:
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    Moolis Moolman

    Moolis Moolman Pet Stop SA Sponsor

    15 Dec 2007
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    MOD please help

    "PUBLIC" not the crap I wrote!!:p
  4. xtreme


    20 Apr 2009
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    Swakopmund Namibia
    Hi Moolis

    That is a difficult one, lol
    There are so many ideas in my head, but wich one to use?
    All I can say, if it was my idea, is a tank that shows the "wow" factor or "I must have it"
    It's a shop after all, the display must sell!!!! but the shop need a beauty of it's own.
    You know I'm new to this so as a beginner I think it must be open "not a can full of sardines" If possible to walk around it and see all sides, Nice to have hidden objects on each side that you cant see from the other sides, not to full rock work but rather a nice aquascaping to leave space for grow, uhmmm should stop there, It will became a book when finished, lol
    My basic idea, all I can say if it's to full, it looks like to much cleaning work!

    (((not schooled in English LOL))))
  5. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Make a tank, with ONLY BEGINNER type of stuff in it. It also must be within a certain budget. Cheap, easy maintenance. No fancy reactors, dozing computers and equipment to land Nemo on the moon. Basic sump, skimmer, DSB and return.

    And the lifestock should be the same. Only beginner stuff. Like zoa and leathers. The real easy and forgiving creatures you have. Same with fish, only "simple" fish. Must have Nemo. A blue green chromis. A few hermits and snails. And fish that can be kept in Nano tanks. No Tangs, triggers or any fish that need 100% water parameters. Again fish that can tolerate a beginners basic mistakes and learning curve.

    And LABEL it as such, so that possible future clients can realize that the dream is within their reach and (starting) capabilities.

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