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8 May 2007
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We’ve seen some pretty epic Acnthophyllia meat corals in our day but a pair of insane specimens from Malaya Reef Aquatic are on a whole other level. If we had an idea of what colors and patterns constituted a top shelf for the one and only species of Acanthophyllia, these two new specimens just raised the bar much, MUCH higher.

The crazy thing is that finding one specimen of this caliber is quite incredible in its own right. Finding two specimens, and reflecting on the few other meat corals that we’ve seen close to this league, hints at a whole new color category that we’ve just not really seen before. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that these were not collected from the usual meat coral or regular coral collecting locations.


If these rainbow Acanthophyllias had been collected from the usual Java, Bali or Sulawesi area, seems like we would have seen more specimens like these before. So for Malaya Reef Aquatic to score two at the same time, leads us to believe that they are probably from a new and different coral rich area of the Indo-Pacific.

Since Malaya Reef Republic is from Malaysia, and this is not the first time that corals from this country have knocked our socks off, we have a hunch that these stunning Acanthophyllia are from Malaysia/Borneo. Some of the absolutely most killer specimens of Micromussa, Cycloseris and many LPS species have their origin in Borneo, which isn’t a surprise since this is the closest coral harvesting location to the Coral Triangle.

As we were writing this article we received confirmation that these two rainbow Acanthophyllia are indeed from Borneo, from the Kalimantan region of Indonesia, right across the border from Malaysian Borneo. Regardless of where these stupendous meat corals are from, it’s exciting enough to know that corals like these exist, and the only thing better than seeing pictures of them will be seeing some Acanthophyllia like these in real life. [Malaya Reef Aquatic]


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