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    Not all Koi Tangs or Tricolor Tangs are created equal and this is abundantly clear in a new specimen fresh caught in Indonesia. This striking black and white and yellow-trimmed Zebrasoma scopas totally ups the ante when it comes to wild & crazy reef fish aberrations.

    Late last year saw a decent influx in the availability of mutant koi scopas tangs which have been discovered living in a small concentration on Java’s southern coast. For some reason, within this population many of the large scopas tangs show remarkable deviations of their specie’s usual color and pattern.

    [​IMG]Many of the koi scopas tangs feature large blueish greenish patches which glow brightly under reef lighting, but so far only a couple of them have been sighted with the incredible pattern and color pictured here. The first of these top shelf koi tangs was mostly black, with a large irregular patch in the center of the body, and a couple yellow streaks in the fins.

    The newest AAA grade koi tang is even more wildly patterned with a large white saddle dominating the dorsal and posterior regions of the fish’s skin. If this wasn’t enough to turn heads of the real fish collectors, a brilliant yellow color forms the transition between the white and black color, giving this fish the kind of pop that you’d usually only see in ‘imaginary’ fishes.


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    Looks like something someone will blame on Fukushima

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