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    We thaught Cyclos were blowing up in late 2012 and earlier this year but a recent shipment to White Corals in Germany hints that we have not seen the peak of this current craze. Not to be confused with species of*Fungia disc corals,*Cycloseris are usually smaller, flatter, and come in a wider variety of colors than their larger cousins.

    Coming in every color from red to green to yellow and orange, it is not uncommon for these hot, Hot, HOT Cyclos to also sport contrasting colored tentacles, mouths, edges, rims and combinations of all of these. With such a broad repertoire of features possible in Cycloseris corals, it’s no wonder that we continue to see some mind bending specimens which leave even the experienced coral collectors giddy with delight.

    Just about every kind of coral aquarium or reef tank should have at least a green or an orange Cycloseris, if not a little corner for all of them to hang out. Sure the prices for the top-of-the-top Cycloseris can reach sky high prices but it isn’t too hard for the average street reefer to come across a bright orange one with colored tentacles. Be on the lookout for even more diverse and more abundant in the future but right now White Corals takes top honors for a beautiful crop of these delightful coin-shaped corals.

    colorful-cycloseris-disc-coral-4.jpg colorful-cycloseris-disc-coral-2.jpg colorful-cycloseris-disc-coral-3.jpg colorful-cycloseris-disc-coral-1.jpg
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    they look great, but i can only assume they're not available here..?

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