7 Mar 2011
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Long Island New York USA
No, Not my tank. Don't be ridiculous. I use an undergravel filter so it can't crash.

My white worm culture crashed.

I think it may be ten years old and the worms are disappearing. They may be to inbred or have a social disease. I am not sure what it is but after the last worm bath, they started to disappear. I looked al over for them even in my wife's underwear drawer but they are no where to be found.

I did find a lot of things hatching into what looks like fruit flies, but they must be "worm flies". I put the culture outside so the neighbors could sample some of the flies.
I still l have worms but they are small.

If I get time, I will flood the entire culture and collect the worms that I can and start a new batch with new potting soil. Maybe after so many years, you need to do that.

Actually, now that I think about it. I did that a couple of months ago. Maybe the soil I used has A 1 Steak Sauce or transmission fluid from a 1967 Ford Pinto in it. Anyway, I will go look for different dirt and try to rescue my remaining worms. I need the worms for the bacteria so this is a crucial part of my system.

(Many people were hoping my tank crashed, this way they could say, See!!! you should have quarantined.

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