RSS CPR Aquatic releasing First A.I.D. this week

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8 May 2007
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CPR Aquatic has begun shipping its multipurpose CPR Aquatic First A.I.D. system that we brought you earlier this year in prototype form. The acronym means Acclimation, Isolation, and Dosing but the handy device can do all this and more. Helping to safely acclimate fish and corals into quarantine or your main display tank will help your critters survive and make you a much happier hobbyist. If things go wrong down the line and you need to isolated a fish for observation or medicating, the CPR Aquatic First A.I.D. system is a perfect choice. Needing to slowly dose additive or kalkwasser into your tank, yup you guessed it — the First A.I.D. system. The uses are pretty unlimited and you could even turn it into an effective brine shrimp hatchery. The system comes in two forms — with and without a pump (used for water circulation in isolation). The MSRP for the regular unit without pump is $45 and the deluxe version with the pump and hose is $60. Check out the video above for a full demonstration of the unit.

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