RSS CPR Aquatic’s optional bubble trap box, and an AeroFuge AP.

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8 May 2007
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CPR Aquatic released a “bubble trap box” for the newer tray outlets found on the AeroForce, Aerofuge, and Aquefuge line. Longtime fans of CPR may remember they had a similar box for their original pipe outlets. The AFBT accomplishes the same thing with the new waterfall-like tray outlets. The box rests on hinges and includes a sponge to eliminate micro-bubbles and minimize turbulence. The box can also serve as a media bag compartment.

CPR Aquatic demonstrated the box at MACNA, and removal/installation seemed very simple. Ease of removal is key for servicing the sponge and any potential media. The box was installed on a unique Aerofuge running an airstone skimmer. We guess they’d call it an Aerofuge AP, in line with the airstone powered Aeroforce AP. When asked if it was a “one-off” product, they said they can easily customize any aerofuge order into an AP model. The airstone aerofuge has a lot of positives going for it. It was virtually silent and the airstones would be less damaging to refugium microfauna. The amount of air in the skimmer was exceptional. People tend to be apprehensive of airstone skimmers, but they are the way to go with smaller skimmers. Changing airstone is cheap and easy, and it’s much easier to manipulate the air/water throughput independently. It’s no secret we here at reefbuilders love airstone skimmers.

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