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    CPR-aeroforce-side-by-side.jpg The reverse model is on the left and the original model on the right.

    The CPR Aeroforce protein skimmer recirculating skimmer has a new model with the inlet and outlet reversed making it a fine choice for nano and all-in-one owners who can’t use the first Aeroforce model. With small compartments and immobile dividers on some systems including the JBJ 28 gallon LED Nano Cube we’ve been operating, the regular Aeroforce model won’t sit correctly to operate. The new reverse model Aeroforce gives you another option to mount it by*simply reversing the inlet and outlets on the body.

    The Aeroforce skimmer is fed with a Hydor Pico Evolution pump and uses a Hydor aspirating pump for bubble production inside the reaction chamber. As we found out with the JBJ Nano Cube, the original placement of the feed pump would have been inside the main media chamber with the outlet straddling the media chamber and small side chamber on the left side making it pretty hard to effectively use as is. The reverse model Aeroforce allows the feed pump to sit inside the left chamber with plenty of room and return the water into the main media chamber.

    Depending on how your system is set up, you may wish to grab the reverse model of the Aeroforce skimmer. The reverse flow model is currently available from CPR Aquatics. If you are interested in getting this skimmer, contact your local CPR Aquatic dealer.

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