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    2013 was such a fantastic year for rare fish and aquarium tidbits and we’re so stoked to see what 2014 will bring. Here’s a fun way to countdown 2014, and what better way than with BlueHarbor’s splendid calendar. In typical Koji fashion, the new calendar is just as tantalising as all his previous years, but we’re taking special notice this time round because of the content.*

    Almost all the fishes in this year’s calendar have been covered intensely over the past year and we can’t think of a better way to count down the months with this mini recap calendar. Each month is represented with a rare fish starting with the peppermint angel for January, and ending with December’s pintail fairy wrasse. Can you remember all these fish?

    [​IMG]Paracentropyge boylei ushers in 2014 with January.

    [​IMG]The icy cool Chromis sp. from the Southern Pacific for Febuary.

    [​IMG]In monochromatic stripes, Prognathodes basabei headlines March.

    [​IMG]The spectacular Cirrhilabrus claire for April.

    [​IMG]An angelfish oddity, Pomacanthus rhomboides for May.

    [​IMG]June sees a juvenile Odontanthias sp. from the Southern Pacific.

    [​IMG]The ysterious Bodianus “kimura” for the month of July.

    [​IMG]August is represented by the super rare Synchiropus sp. from the Southern Pacific.

    [​IMG]Centropyge narcosis graces the month of September.

    [​IMG]Roa excelsa on the cover of October.

    [​IMG]A cute pair of Chaetodon daedalma representing the month of November.

    [​IMG]Cirrhilabrus cf. lanceolatus closes the year with December.

    Thank you Koji Wada for coming up with such beautiful calendars on a yearly basis. If you are interested in this very limited edition calendar, contact your local LFS or BlueHarbor at*with regards to getting one from Koji himself. It costs roughly $20 USD.
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