Corner tank

4 Jun 2007
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How much light would you guys and gals suggest for a corner tank, 900x900 and 650mm deep. The intention is a mix of LPS and maybe later SPS. I have a 250Mh in mind say 10k.

I'm open to suggestions


i think that 250WMH will do.maybe supplement it with 3ft t5s 1 blue 1 white
Wikus those corner tanks are arwark to light.
But a MH will work nicely, even a 150W will work well. A 3ft actinic across the front, angled towards the back will provide nice supplementation.
Thanks, my next mission will be to get flow right. The tank owner does not want any pumps inside the tank. So I'll have to come up with a closed loop system. I've thought of drilling the tank and hooking 2 x OR3500 up, one on each side with a split output or with swcd's. But then the flow might be to much for the swcd's.

The whole setup is for some one who want to convert a freshwater corner in to a saltwater corner and he is not a patient man. He even offered to buy my setup, just so that he could skip the cycle process.

Thanks for all the info and assistance. My knowledge on marines is onlu 3years old and still very limited.

10mm as far as I know, I'll be seeing the tank tomorrow
Wikus you can do a closed loop without drilling the tank and with some clever aquascaping you can hide the pipes.
Bit of a challenge in a corner tank though.
I can get a pic tomorrow. It will be the smaller version though.
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