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    Aquarium temperature control is about to get another notch on its belt with the release of a new device from CoralVue. The CoralVue heater temperature controller is an electronic thermostat rated up to 10 amps which can control a single device to help manage overall temperature of an aquarium.

    With a single female receptacle on the CoralVue temperature controller, you’ll have to decide whether you’re using it for cooling or for heating. Large pushy-buttons allow easy setting of the desired target temperature, while the temperature measured by a remote probe is displayed on a bright LED-backlit LED display.

    At $49 the CoralVue temperature controller is a very affordable device for its class and it would be interesting to see how it holds up to the precise temperature control of the Cobalt Aquatics Neostat.*Presumably CoralVue is making their*temperature*controller available to use with their bare titanium aquarium heater (heating elements) which come in four sizes but have no thermostatic control.

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