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    Coralvue now offers product support for IceCap 430 and 660 ballasts.* This announcement comes on the heels of Chris Conti joining Coralvue as Vice President of sales and service. Product support should start the third week of January (1/17) and hopefully provide relief to those customers left in the dark (pun intended) by IceCap closing its doors. Coralvue promises you’ll receive a quick three to four day turnaround with a fee of around 60 dollars. We wouldn’t be surprised if another version of these popular ballasts eventually is produced with Coralvue along with Chris Conti’s design blessing. While IceCap might be dead their products will live on.

    CoralVue will be offering product support and service for IceCap 430 and 660 ballasts starting the week of 1/17. The Goal is to provide some relief to those IceCap owners struggling to get service or support for their ballasts. In providing this service, we hope many 430 and 660 owners can continue to use the product with the confidence that if something goes wrong, they can get support.

    All repairs will come with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of service. Repair service will be provided for a low fee of $60.00 plus shipping. There will be a quick 3-4 day turn around on repairs should put some minds at ease.

    Former IceCap customers can be notified immediately about our new service that will begin the week of 1/17. Chris Conti, former President of IceCap and lead developer of the 430 and 660 ballasts will be the point person for any service inquiries. As one of the original designers, Chris is intimately familiar with the product and is looking forward to answering any questions regarding this repair service or the product in general. We hope this service will aid those in need of repairs or service to IceCap 430 and 660 Ballasts.

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