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8 May 2007
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IceCap is making a huge come back in the marine aquarium market with the brand being resurrected first for a reverse osmosis unit, the dosing pump, then the IceCap Gyre Interface module, and now a whole slew of diverse marine aquarium products. CoralVue is barely beginning to set up their booth here at MACNA but already we’ve spied at least a half a dozen new IceCap products, enough to practically build a complete saltwater system with.

We have details on none of these products, other than what can be inferred simply by looking at them, but they look well made, with thoughtful advanced features that should make each of these products shine in their respective product category. There’s a new IceCap overflow box with a ‘C-Siphon’ like siphon pathway, but the external part of the box has a durso style standpipe with a ‘muffler’ that also draws out air from the C-siphon.

We also spied a couple new accessories including an IceCap mini media reactor with a magnetic mount. There’s also an aftermarket IceCap float switch that is sporting all the bells and whistles you’d expect from this kind of device. Presumably these IceCap reactors and float switches will also work well with the brand new IceCap sumps, of which we can see at least two sizes which have a low footprint configuration.

Probably the more exciting new entry into the IceCap catalog is the new IceCap K2 protein skimmers. The IceCap K2 skimmers sport s familiar design and styling, with an internally mounted Sicce needle wheel pump, air silencer, and bubble plate diffuser. This is just a flyby of what we’ve spied in the CoralVue booth so far, but we’ll be sure to give most of the new IceCap products a more thorough write up once the guys have had a chance to actually set up their booth.

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