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    Hi All

    We've received the following great looking Corals from Vietnam:

    Various Mushrooms on rock including Green, Violet, Brown & Warty @ R395.00ea
    Various Button Polyps on rock (Zoanthus) Green, Orange, Mixed @ R395.00ea
    Green star polyps @ R395.00ea
    Red Sun Corals @ R445.00ea
    Open Brains (Trachyfyllia) Red & Green @ R395.00ea
    Open Brains (Symphyllia, Lobophyillia) Brown/Red & Green @ R445.00ea
    Frogspawn Corals @ R549.00ea
    Hammer Corals @ R445.00ea
    Elegance Corals @ R445.00ea
    Bubble Corals @ R445.00ea

    Along with stunning Carpet Anemones @ R395.00ea, Peppermint Shrimps @ R149.00ea, Cleaner Shrimps @ R195.00ea & various acclimatised Fish.

    These Corals look really good so come on in and get a few before they're all gone!!!



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