[FS] Corals for sale : Durban

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16 May 2013
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Durban, Newlands west
Item name AND Location.
Corals for sale : Durban

Name of Fish/Coral

How long have you had it?
6 months

Is it eating and healthy?
Yes all healthy and growing

Shipping or Collection or Both?

Can collect

Prices are in description

Hi, I have the following live stock for sale that's available from this afternoon. :
1) Large Pin cushion attached to rock : R400
2) Medium Rock of Green Ricordea(about 10 heads): R350
3) Blue Ricordea(1 head on a frag plug about the size of a R5 coin) : R200
4) Orange Ricordea(1 head on a frag plug about size of a R5 coin) : R250
5) Large Metalic green and blue open brain( size of an open hand) : R600
6) Sun coral ( I have got the coral to open during a certain time and feed very well. Will include the food I feed it in the sale) : R300
7) Sinularia- Kenya Tree(Large coral on a 2-3kg piece of rock) : R550
8) Neon Green polpys( this is the proper noen green stuff not the bottle green ones : R150
9) Neon Green polpys (different to the species above but same neon green colour) : R200
10) medium size rock of green hairy mushrooms - R250
11) white/green elegance coral : R400
12) Choc mint zoas (small piece) : R150
13) Red scolymia : R350


1) Orange center with dark green lash(+ 30heads) - R200
2) Light blue centre with blue/brown lash(+30 Heads) - R200
3)Mixed small piece with red/blue zoas and green/yellow centre zoas: R150
4) Rainbow zoas(+10 heads) - R300
5) Bluish green palys(5-6 heads)(very unusual) - R250

1) purple hornets(5 heads on frag plug) - R350
2) Whamin watermelons(+10 heads on frag plug) - R300
3) Emeralds on fire(1 head on frag plug) - R350(very rare)
4) Bam Bams(3 heads on frag plug) - R950(very rare)
5) Daisy duke(1 head on frag plug) - R350(very rare
)6) Red candy apples(5 heads on frag plug) - R300(very rare)
7) Purple people eaters(3 heads) - R650 (very rare)
8) Gatorades, green lash with orange mouth(+ 30 heads on a 1kg piece of rock) : R450
9) Gatorades, red lash with blue body and yellow mouth( 5 heads on frag plug) : R300

I have attached pics of the stuff but it doesn't do the corals justice. especially the zoas. If I haven't taken a pic of something you are interested in let me know and I will post.

Photos of actual Items for sale.







21 Oct 2008
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East London
@Nishal Do you have a pic of the candy apple red zoas? Haven’t seen them before in SA...are you willing to ship? Interested in the ATU you have for sale as well as the rics if you are. May be interested in some of the other rare zoas too
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