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8 May 2007
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Coral frags and coral propagation have moved so far beyond the experimentation phase, the hobby is practically dominated by frags instead of colonies. There’s countless numbers of corals and frags being grown in stores, warehouses and basements all across the world but it’s time to move beyond using the same old ceramic plugs and discs which are now the hobby standard of coral growers.

There’s a scant few coral growers who dabble in using bottles to culture corals, and ReefGen has really been the only coral producing entity that experiments with ‘frag sculptures‘. The coral sculptures that ReefGen grows are three-dimensional shapes that look really great for offering quick-encrusting meteor shower Cyphastrea and colored branching forms of Psammocora. 

The reef aquarium hobby is starting to tire of the same old frag plugs and West Mariculture, Alternative Reef and Real Reef are really starting to answer the call. In the last few weeks we’ve seen all these ceramic and artificial rock makers roll out new versions of the classic frag plugs and discs with much more creative shapes than before.

We can all agree that by now we have coral fragging and propagation ‘down’ and we can give ourselves permission to branch out from the typical disc with a peg in it. Corals come in such a wide range of colors, textures and shapes that the creative potential of sculpting with corals is nearly limitless, and it’s about time reef keepers and coral farmers discover and show the world what it possible.

Coral-imprinted bases for coral frags literally add texture to growing encrusting corals

An assortment of varied and pre-colored coral bases recently displayed by Real Reef rock

An assortment of varied and pre-colored coral bases recently displayed by Real Reef rock

A creative coral skull demonstrates a hint of what is possible with thoughtful coral ‘sculpting’.

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