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8 May 2007
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If you are looking for some unique coral inspired art, check out the detailed underwater photography of BioQuest’s Studios. The BioQuest’s Studios team features artist Daniel Stoupin and Pete West.

Daniel is a biologist and digital artist whose passion for underwater supermacro photography come from his research in coral conservation and microscopy. Pete is a professional diver, mariner, and underwater cameraman with over 40 years of experience. Daniel now blends his unique skills with Pete extensive media production experience to create stunning images of corals as you’ve never seen.

To create the detailed images, BioQuest uses a focus stack technique which requires multiple exposure of the same subject at different focus points. On average these supermacro photographs have 20-60 exposures stacked together. However, hundreds or even thousands of images are typically acquired to produce a single shot with superior composition and quality.

Traditional macro photography is limited by depth of field, however the focus stack technique produces incredible ultra macro photos full of detail. This technique allow images to be printed in large sizes without loss of sharpness, and in fact when printed on a large scale new detail emerge which you cannot see online.

You may recognize BioQuests Studio work from the vimeo short, Slow Life which takes the focus stack technique one step further and combines it with panning and time lapse like you’ve never seen before.BioQuest’s main activity is media, documentary and film production Slow Life incorporated the same focus staking technique to produce this amazing 3:30 minute video.

Focus stacking, especially underwater requires a very high powered computer and high precision equipment. One frame of slow life required about 10 minutes of processing time and the entire film took almost nine long months to complete. Check out the website to support their work, and fill your home with amazing coral art!

You can purchase these supermacro images to be printed on wall art all from the Microworlds Photography website.
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