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    The Coralife Aqualight LED is using some well thought out marketing to showcase the company’s new LED light. Besides incorporating a sleek and straightforward approach to giving you all the details on the light Coralife has taken the time to sell on you its LED technology with the use of an interactive 3D PAR map. Using an aquarium with 30 in. tall by 48 in. long by 24 in. wide they mapped out the PAR readings of the Aqualight and plotted them on the map. To make it even more interesting.

    The interactive map allows you to select common species of SPS, LPS and soft corals along with clams to see where they would be best suited for placement in the tank. Just click on any area of the tank and it will show you which corals would fit best or you can click on the type of coral and then mouse over the species to show you where they would work the best under the light. Granted, these are just recommendations and you’ll have to experiment in your system but this gets you in the ballpark. The PAR map data taken from Aqualight LED at 100% intensity, 14,000K color setting. Changing the color setting and intensity of the Aqualight LED will alter PAR values. You may wish to use a PAR meter to take readings for your preferred settings.
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