RSS Coralife set to release new Evolve LED based off of recent trademark filing

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    Coralife looks like it might be getting into the LED lighting game. We are basing that assumption off of a recently filed trademark for the term “Evolve” that covers aquarium lighting and other goods and services the trademark has been filed under. The trademark term is actually filled under Coralife’s parent company Central Garden and Pet. Possibly, this might mean a whole slew of products under the “evolve” trademark. We reached out to the folks at Coralife for a statement.

    “We are not in a position to release any information on this project right now.”

    At least that confirms that there is a project, but what exactly that might be is up to anyone to guess. What do we know? This project will use the “Evolve” moniker.

    Interestingly, Coralife did recently release their new wavemaker pumps with a nice DC controller. This is the first major product release from Coralife in 2011 and shows signs that there are rumblings inside of Coralife. Could we see this new product being released near or after MACNA?
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