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    The video may not be the smoothest, it’s a little shaky and the colors undersaturated but any marine angelfish fan will immediately recognize that this aquarium contains three of the rarest of the rare Pomacanthids. Dr. Chung Wing Hung’s collection of extremely rare reef fishes has been a frequent feature on the blog before but this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of video showing exotic species from disparate places sharing and breathing the same aquarium water.

    While Dr. Chung’s fish currently share a home in Hong Kong, all of the species could not live any further from their current aquarium. There’s a large male masked angelfish originally from Hawaii, a large adult debelius angelfish from Mauritius in the west Indian Ocean and a super rare conspicillatus hybrid angelfish from Australia. Any one of these fish would be a jaw-dropping rare fish specimen on its own btu to see them swimming together in such proximity is a real treat.

    It literally takes a trio of fish like this for us to be lukewarm about the juvenile captive bred personatus angelfish showed at the end of the video in its own little nursery awaiting time and increased size before it can join the general fish tank population. Keep in mind that Dr. Chung documented captive spawning of his masked angelfish pair as far back as 2009 and he has a long track record with keeping uber rare fish.

    When it comes to the rarest of the rarest reef fish, Dr. Chung is in a league of his own, and obviously has the pockets deep enough to do it. We really look forward to more contributions from CoralFriend and especially will be on the lookout for an update or feature of the singular personifer x conspicillatus hybrid angelfish.

    update tank pic! - YouTube
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