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    Coral V-Power and Coral Energizer are two relatively new coral foods from Preis Aquaristik. Both Coral V-Power and Coral Energizer have been available in Europe from dealers of Preis Aquaristik products but a new U.S. distributor is making these dry powdered coral foods available to North American reefers. We’ve just begin to take the Preis Aquaristik coral foods for feeding trials on our own reef tanks, hit the read link to see our first impressions of using Coral V-Power and Coral Energizer.

    Preis Aquaristik’s Coral V-Power is a broad spectrum feed with ‘minerals, Cyclop-Eeze and amino acids’ which is suitable for use in feeding a broad range of small and large polyp corals. When mixed with water we found the slurry of Preis Coral-V-Power to contain many fine and a few large food particles to which soft corals and filter feeding invertebrates reacted very quickly.

    The Coral Energizer is a larger particle size coral food which Preis Aquaristik describes as targeting ‘Ricordeas, Mushrooms, Zoanthids, Soft Corals and Leather Corals’. When rehydrated for feeding to the coral aquarium the Coral Energizer produced a reddish slurry with a few more floating pieces of food than we’d like, as these are likely to go straight down the overflow.

    We haven’t used either of Preis’s coral foods long enough to relate how corals look after long term feeding btu we can tell you that this food is making its way to down the gullet of corals with varying polyp sizes. It is unclear how much Coral V-Power and Coral Energizer will cost at retail but it will likely be a good value compared to frozen and refrigerated foods which are of a higher nutritional quality, but more expensive to use on a regular basis.


    FTC regulations require that we inform you that we were given this product for review, but our opinion of a product is never affected by how we acquire them
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