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    Hi all reefers

    I would like to introduce the following magazine to you.

    “CORAL” a every second month magazine, published in Europe and internationally edited by founder of “KORALLE” Daniel Knop – a very well known reefers and author and edited/published by James Lawrence.

    This is an very informative magazine aimed at the beginner/intermediate hobbyist and the advanced hobbyist alike. If you intend to make a success of your reef aquarium or you would like to know the new knowledge, new technology or the new cutting edge in Europe. Then this is the magazine for you.

    CORAL the reef magazine (Europe), read in combination with practical fish keeping (UK), Freshwater and marine aquarium magazine (USA/Canada) and Tropical fish keeping (USA) give you the a complete oversight of marine trade in the major countries around the world.

    PET STOP - email customers = look in your in box for your special price!!!;)
    MASA members that want to be on this email list -
    send a request to and sit back and get all this before all the others.

    Marketing over J let me tell you of what to expect in these magazines.

    1.Jan/Feb 2009
    a. Breeding – MANDARINS WOW
    b. In depth look at: TRIGGER FISH!!
    c. Stocking of a reef aquarium, some thought provoking statements regarding miss conceptions by Prof. Ellen Thaler
    d. Reef lighting by Anthony Calfo
    e. Exploring/Discovery of Madagascar
    f. Ozone 101
    g. Rarities
    i. Anemone/comential shrimps – normally in stock @ Pet Stop
    ii. Long fin anthias – I would love to get them, constantly on the lookout for them J
    iii. Clarion angel – never seen them.
    h. Reef aquarium – Rene Vachovec, Germany’s SPS & clam tank

    2. Mar/Apr 2009
    a. Breeding – Harlequin filefish
    b. In depth look at: Large-polyp Stony Corals (LPS Corals) by Daniel Knop AND PROPAGATING
    c. Marine Aquarium Coulcil (MAC)
    d. Gemmatum tang
    e. Deionizer 101
    f. Rarities
    i. Red head neon goby – sometimes on lists
    ii. Tailspot blenny - sometimes on lists
    iii. Life among plankton
    g. Exploring/Discovery of Galapagos
    h. Reef aquarium – Robert van Tilburg, Netherlands SPS tank

    3. May/Jun 2009
    a. In depth look at: Mouthbreeders
    b. In depth look at: Hermit crabs
    c. Deep sea reef tanks.
    e. Rebounding bleached SPS corals
    f. Porcelain crabs
    g. Strontium 101
    h. Rarities
    i. Red fluorescent in fish
    ii. Pigmy sea horses
    iii. New Giant clam
    iv. Yellow banded possum wrasse
    v. CLEAR cleaner shrimp
    i. Indonesian fisheries
    j. Exploring/Discovery of Manado
    k. Non photosynthetic corals & pipes + sea horses – Sabine Sax, Germany

    4. Jul/Aug 2009
    a. In depth look at: sea squirts – my favorites
    b. Breeding Comets
    c. MY FAVORITE CORAL – Acanthastrea sp.
    d. Banner fish – a look at
    e. Rarities
    i. Cocos pygmy angel – only rarely on lists
    f. Exploring/Discovery of Oman
    g. Aiptasia 101
    h. MANGROVE biotope
    i. Deep sea Explorer – Sylvia Earle
    j. Non photosynthetic coral tank – Dr. Jens Kallmeyer, Germany

    5. Sept/Oct 2009
    a. In depth look at: Moray eels
    b. Care & cultivation of mushrooms, Recordia sp. & Discosoma sp.
    c. Diving in a 76000 liter reef tank! (My dream J)
    d. Rarities
    i. Banded-head convict goby – not seen on lists, yet.
    e. Exploring/Discovery of Mindoro
    f. Lionfish in the Atlantic
    g. Decorated crab – we have them in stock J
    h. Glass anemones 101
    i. O3 – ozone revival
    j. SMALL Reef aquarium – Deniz Sisman, Turkey

    So see you at Pet Stop – we have them in stock!:slayer:

    Moolis, Shawn & Company
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    Noordhoek, Cape Town
    Great magazine. I'm a subscriber. Well done for stocking it, Moolis.
  4. Tony


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    Honeydew, Johannesburg
    How much are they per issue
  5. OP
    Moolis Moolman

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    15 Dec 2007
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    Normal R110-00

    But PET STOP email customers got an even better introduction price on them;)
  6. OP
    Moolis Moolman

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    End of stock

    We have only 4 of each left!:(

    So call now and pay only R95-00 each:thumbup:

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