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    Coral System is a completely new line of aquarium additives from Korallen Zucht, makers of the Zeovit method. Unlike the holistic approach of trying to create a low nutrient environment for stony corals, Korallen Zuckt’s new line of additive is meant to be used as an alternative to Zeovit, alongside contemporary reefing techniques.

    KZ Coral System 1

    Reefers around the world, ourselves included, have used various components of the Zeovit method on our reef tanks piece-meal, without diving full on into the use of zeolites, zeo reactors, and the full prescription of daily Zeovit additives. This is precisely what Coral System was designed for, to bring the best elements of the Zeovit method to ‘regular’ reefers who aren’t necessarily running an ‘ultra low nutrient system’.

    KZ Coral System 3

    Korallen Zucht’s Coral System is composed of four parts, contained and dosed across four different bottles. Each part of the KZ Coral System has been carefully developed to encourage strong coral health, great coloration, and fast growth of our beloved corals. It’s important to note that KZ Coral System doesn’t contain any calcium, carbonate, magnesium, and these important major elements of seawater still need to be tested and added regularly like any normal reef tank.

    KZ Coral System 2

    Coral System 1 is a coloring agent which includes Nickel, Manganese, Fluoride, Sodium, Rubidium, Zinc and Vanadium. Coral System 2 is another coloring agent in the method which includes Sodium, Boron, Bromine, Strontium and Fluoride. Coral System 4 is yet another does of coloring agent, this solution contains Potassium, Fluoride, Bromine and Iodine.

    KZ Coral System 4

    Finally, Coral System 3 is the Amino Acid supplement of KZ’s new additive line and it includes Arginine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Threonine, Histidine, Glutamine, Taurine, Glycine, Di-carboxylic acid, Sucrose, Aloe Vera. Each part of the KZ Coral System is relatively affordable costing around 16.50€ (~$19) per 250ml container and dosed at a modest rate of 5 milliliters per 100 liters (26 gallons) per week.

    It’s a pleasant surprise to see Korallen Zucht take a radically different approach to divulging the ingredients which go into its new additives. We’ve said for years that reefers need to be better versed and better at adding a full suite of trace and minor elements which all play a role in vital coral biology and Korallen Zucht makes it easier than ever with their new four part. [Korallen Zucht]
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    So basically the Red Sea Colour Program
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